In today’s business growth, administrative works have become tedious and time-consuming. By hiring a virtual personal assistant from 1st Alliance, you can save time, operational cost, working space and reduce expenditure on resources. Instead of hiring dedicated resources for everything, you can hire a virtual personal assistant for your business that can increase productivity and allow you to concentrate on other core duties.

Benefits of hiring a secretary, executive or personal office assistant services:

  • Virtual personal or office assistant services are cost-effective; no additional infrastructure is necessary
  • You can feel relieved that all of your calls and inquiries are being handled by a group of experts
  • Excellent support provided by the professionals will enhance your customer’s loyalty
  • Pay only for what you use to . Most outsourcing remote support companies offer different flexible packages

Types of virtual assistance services provided by us:

Understanding that the requirements vary drastically based on your business needs, we provide vast varieties of remote assistance solutions.

  • Managerial solutions: The concerned professional will be responsible for complete customer support including call answering services, appointment scheduling and emails. Also, he/she will be an expert in accounting, data entry as well as a presentation slide and excel spreadsheet creation.
  • Technical solutions: With the proficiency to leverage technological provisions, a technical virtual personal assistant creates and manages your website for you. He/She will also update plug-ins, manage your blog and help you in setting up email newsletters.
  • Creative solutions: Ideas, colors, and words have the power to influence the decision-making process. Adept in availing brand consultation services, graphic designing and copy-writing.
  • Contact Center: Offer to answer services to your business whether it’s for promotion, only during working hours or for non-office hours. We will answer the phone using your brand and sell your products/services by completing intake forms and completing orders.

Advantages of outsourcing virtual personal assistance to 1st Alliance:

  • Proper accent training is provided for all our professionals before they are assigned live projects
  • We offer complete recording and precise real-time reporting
  • Technical professionals assigned for you are updated about all latest high-tech advancements
  • A creative team with us are erudite in color psychology and are masters in playing with words
  • We know to design and write for a different target audience and as per your specific guidelines, if any